We had a great challenge with Maru’s Interiors Craft project. This new business started last year and its purpose was to make crafted wreaths for Christmas and other holidays. E-workbee designed a plan to promote the wreaths based on the following tasks:
– Participation in different craft markets and community events. We researched all community websites in Calgary and reserved spaces in crafts events.
– Creation of the brochure. We took professional photos of the wreaths, retouched them and designed a brochure 8.5in x 11in.
– Direct marketing. We approached different stores in key communities to present the new product.
– Publishing online. We published the products on Etsy, Kijiji, and other advertising platform and monitored them on a daily basis.
Email marketing campaign. We collected information from people interested in the business and created a database in order to send e-mail marketing.
Creation of Facebook and Instagram campaign. We posted ads twice a week ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Maru's Interiors Craft BrochureMaru's Interiors AdMaru's Interiors Craft Facebook coverMemorial Day Wreath By Maru's Interiors CraftMaru's Interiors Craft on Etsy.ca